Inside the Instagram Algorithm for 2021

Link to Shopify Blog. Really easy to read and informative article on how the algorithms for each Instagram element (feed, stories, reels) works and how to work them into your strategy.

The Best Ways to Care for, Clean and Store Art

Link to Saatchi blog, here they answer customers questions on best practises for caring for and maintaining artwork. I really recommend reading and considering whenever creating works for sale. Most customers are looking for artworks that will last a lifetime and even be passed on to future generations.

Framing Textile art

Link to MEREDITH WOOLNOUGH gallery blog, speaking about the importance of considering framing and final presentation of textile artwork when creating works for sale.

Jo's art history

Check out Jo's Art History website! Jo is an art historian with a similar aim to Shiver, to break down the elitist barrier within the art world. Jo has a podcast and blog dedicated to providing art history to everyone. Jo is always looking for people to guest appear on her podcast, so get in touch!

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