‘Tattooing is a magical, romantic, exciting and often-misunderstood

- Dr Matt Lodder

Location: Signature Brew Haggerston, Railway Arched, 340 Acton Mews, London E8 4EA 

Launch event: 5th November 2022 | 6pm - 11.30pm

Exhibition on from 5th November 2022 to mid-January 2023





Signature Brew

‘Tattoo’ is a group art exhibition celebrating tattoo’s as an art form, showcasing exciting UK based tattoo artists.

Often tattoo’s are seen as separate from the art world, this exhibition aims to separate the art from the skin, to show different styles of tattoo art in a new light.

 Tattoo’s are for life, and for us, so is art. We want to provide artwork for your walls, that you can cherish for a lifetime.

SIGNATURE BREW X SHIVER GALLER PRESENT: An exhibition launch event to celebrate the outstanding works created by exciting, emerging UK based artist and gather in an evening celebrating creativity, open to all. Walking into an art gallery can often be quite intimidating, so we would like to invite you in to experience art in a surrounding you will feel more familiar and welcome. Grab a beer, have a chat, and enjoy a night of art and music.

ABOUT SHIVER: Shiver’s core mission is to create an inclusive space within the art world that supports emerging artists and offers a range of affordable artwork available for everyone. Since the Gallery’s launch in December 2019, Shiver has brought together a talented collective of artists from varying artistic backgrounds and mediums. Shiver prides itself on being a welcoming and transparent Gallery whose purpose is to incite change within the art world, offering more opportunities for artists and art lovers alike.

Embroidery artwork of a computer game style layout of a house interior, including pathway leading to front door and red rug in main room.

by Tamsin Wilson


Embroidery artwork of a computer game style layout of a house interior, including tiled kitchen floor, a fridge and fish tank in hallway.

by Esme Rose Marsh


Collection of 8 photographs in a multi-frame frame, by Jamie Chi. The photographs were taken on expired 35mm film so have an orangey glow to them.

'Stand Still'
by Henriett Juhász


White laser cut textile artwork in a white square frame on a white, scratched background. The artwork has layers of white felt to form an Islamic, symmetrical pattern.

'A Darker Stage'
by Caitlin Dowd