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Zoom Embroidery artwork of a computer game style layout of a house interior, including pathway leading to front door and red rug in main room.
Zoom The artist holding the ‘AFK Series 2: Living Room’ artwork, while stood in her garden.

AFK Series 2: Living Room


Hurry, Only 1 Left!

Hand embroidered and appliqué artwork inspired by 1990s computer games.

H 31cm X W 36xm X D 3cm

Embroidery, fibreglass resin, cotton, MDF

Artwork comes ready framed in a vintage computer frame cast.

Phoebe Stringer (she/her) is a multidisciplinary fine artist, creating incredible hand embroidered scenes inspires by 1990s computer game environments.

AFK Series 2: Living Room



"The pieces are hand embroidered scenes set into a retro computer frame cast. The scenes are imagined 3D rendered computer environments reminiscent of 1990s computer games. The empty spaces are barren and surreal using appliqué and various embroidery methods to mimic a pixilated effect."

- Phoebe Stringer


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