Sophie Zurybida

Collaging public domain images, Sophie Zurybida AKA 'Spooky Zury' (she/her), carefully crafts the kind of impossible worlds we’re more used to seeing through the haze of our dreams. Lifestyle magazine housewives sail through the stars and monstrous sea creatures cross the land in her retro-futurist mash-ups, eery yet beautiful glimpses into an alternate timeline that never was. Sophie has recently relocated to the edges of the Forest of Dean and draws inspiration from the gently unreal woodland, especially at twilight when her surroundings feel almost as alien as those she creates in her work. Drawing inspiration from pop art, folk horror and off-kilter sci-fi, @SpookyZury is rapidly building a cult following on Instagram, with followers eager for any opportunity to visit the strange and haunting yet wry and fun lands that lay just over the horizon in Sophie’s memorable compositions.