Shiver’s core mission is to create an inclusive space within the art world that supports emerging artists and offers a range of affordable artwork available for everyone.

Since the Gallery’s launch in December 2019, Shiver has brought together a talented collective of artists from varying artistic backgrounds and mediums.

Shiver prides itself on being a welcoming and transparent Gallery whose purpose is to incite change within the art world, offering more opportunities for artists and art lovers alike.

With physical gallery footfall decreasing significantly over the last 5-10 years and a reluctance to comply with the conventional gallery format, Shiver chose to create a digital gallery space rather than physical. Choosing only to show physically at select opportunities, as a way to celebrate the outstanding works created by our artists and gather in an evening celebrating creativity, open to all.

By creating a digital platform to showcase our artists we are able to not only display their work but through interviews and music playlists curated by the artist, Shiver also aims to divulge the feelings and inspirations they had while creating it.

Our desire to bring people closer to art by not only dropping physical barriers but also helping art lovers to understand the meaning behind the art they love, is why we began this Gallery.