Lauren-Marie Haywood

PIGMENT (Cont.) | Digital Illustration

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Limited Edition Print by Lauren-Marie Haywood

12cm x 18cm

350gsm Matte Coated Paper

Edition of 6 prints at this size

We can also over a framed print option

24cm x 32cm (Including Frame)

White frame with white window mount

100% of the profits on these sales will be donated to Black Minds Matter UK


Artists Description 

"In another exploration of pigment, I created this piece to celebrate the unique beauty held by those with the richest of skin tones. I have always been fascinated by the deep and unique glow that dark skin appears to have and was incredibly excited to create a piece which captured that. Unlike the other women depicted in this collection, I have chosen not to adorn this subject with jewellery or makeup. I wanted her skin to be the sole focus of the piece and took particular care in rendering its glow, the texture of her hair, and the softness of her expression. All this in an attempt to illustrate the effortless beauty that I have witnessed within so many dark skinned friends, family members, and even in strangers. Every piece of artwork that I create has an ultimate purpose of combatting colourism and bolster the confidence of those who are ‘unconventionally’ yet effortlessly beautiful. This piece is no exception."