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Zoom Framed Artwork by British-Bengali Textile Fine Artist, Jennifa Chowdhury. Intricate white Laser Cut Textile Design, inspired by the geometric patterns used in traditional Islamic Art.
Zoom Close up of intricate white Laser Cut Textile artwork by British-Bengali Textile Fine Artist, Jennifa Chowdhury, inspired by traditional Islamic Art.
Zoom A closer look at the detail in this intricate, white, laser cut textile design by Jennifa Chowdhury for Shiver Art Gallery, shown from an angle.
Zoom A zoomed in view of the centre of this intricate, white, laser cut textile design by Jennifa Chowdhury showing the intricate detail.
Zoom White, Islamic pattern, laser cut artwork on wall in a living room, surrounded by a yellow chair, yellow vases.

Squared Circle

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Intricate, White Laser Cut Textile Design

60cm x 60cm
Acrylic Felt and Paper

Open Edition

Please note, frame is not included. 

Jennifa Chowdhury is a textile artist based in Winchester. Having grown up in a South Asian family, living in Northern England, Jennifa has grown up with a rich cultural background. Chowdhury has beautifully combined her cultural heritage with her studies in Textiles to produce incredible art pieces which touch upon a multitude of disciplines including sculpture, graphic design, collage, fine art and of course, textile design.

Squared Circle



"The continuity of the interlacement invites the eye to follow it, the viewers’ vision is then transformed into a rhythmic visual experience along with the intellectual satisfaction of the geometric complexity.

The shapes of Islamic interlacement are built up from one or more regular figures inscribed in a circle, which are then developed according to the principle of the star-shaped polygon. The geometric development of an octagon or two squares inscribed in a circle is the most traditional in Islamic geometric art. To divide the circle by eight makes for greater amplitude because it somehow embraces the extreme contrast of the squared circle.

Jennifa endeavours to reimagine Islamic geometric patterns through modern textile processes and technology. Creating patterns through laser cutting, light, shadow, transparency layering and manipulation of cloth in order to bridge the gap between modern materials and traditional patterns, reflective of her heritage."

- Jennifa Chowdhury

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