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Zoom Untitled Silhouette Piece - Prints

Untitled Silhouette Piece - Prints


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Paper Collage on Primed Wood

10.5cm x 14.8cm
Limited Edition Giclée Prints

Edition of 50


Mary-Ann Stuart is a Fine Artist focusing on the cultural representation of women and the female nude, as well as recreating aspects of the 14th-16th century female nudes through a 21st-century feminist gaze.

Untitled Silhouette Piece - Prints



"One of the first pieces I made mixing Christian artwork of the Virgin with pornography and the female nude. My intent isn't to cause offence, just to ask questions about why we have these specific values of womanhood and femininity, and why we struggle to accept women who cannot be defined by the categories of Virgin, Mother or Whore."

- Mary-Ann Stuart


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