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Zoom XXI: The World//Transexual Menace (Riposte Remix)

XXI: The World//Transexual Menace (Riposte Remix)


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DIY home digital prints of original drawing on reclaimed pink duplicating paper, wide format laser print of digitally glitched original drawing scan on 90gsm paper, grey board, wheat paste.

640mm x 450mm x 3mm
Paper collage constructed from prints of original drawings on grey board affixed with wheat paste

Original piece.

Tom Abdulhadi-Turner aka TAT (he/them) is London based visual artist and self-declared TransexualMenaceTM.

XXI: The World//Transexual Menace (Riposte Remix)



"XXI: The world//Transexual Menace" is a bricolage of my original drawing of a proud and joyful pregnant trans man and an agit-prop poster design, inspired by "The Transexual Menace" a grassroots trans rights organisation founded in 1993 to counter the exclusion of trans people from LGB Pride marches."

- Tom Abdulhadi-Turner aka TAT


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