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Dopamine Art

‘Dopamine Art’ is a group art exhibition celebrating bold, vivid, positive and colourful artworks by exciting UK based emerging artists.

"I see my creativity as a basic need and an essential tool for me to process my inner world, as well as my surroundings."

- Elisa Grasso

Think bright, loud, colourful and happy!

Last summer saw the fashion trend of ‘Dopamine dressing’ which essentially meant dressing to improve your mood. After a shitty 2020 and a just as crappy 2021, I think we can all agree that we could all do with a mood boost!

This exhibition has taken that same concept of dressing to boost your mood, but apply it to our walls!

An exhibition launch event to celebrate the outstanding works created by exciting, emerging UK based artist and gather in an evening celebrating creativity, open to all. Walking into an art gallery can often be quite intimidating, so we would like to invite you in to experience art in a surrounding you will feel more familiar and welcome. Grab a beer, have a chat, and enjoy a night of art and music.

ABOUT SHIVER: Shiver’s core mission is to create an inclusive space within the art world that supports emerging artists and offers a range of affordable artwork available for everyone. Since the Gallery’s launch in December 2019, Shiver has brought together a talented collective of artists from varying artistic backgrounds and mediums. Shiver prides itself on being a welcoming and transparent Gallery whose purpose is to incite change within the art world, offering more opportunities for artists and art lovers alike.


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