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Art Prints to Decorate Your Uni Dorm

Heading off to university is a momentous step towards independence and self-discovery. It's a time to come into your own, let your personality shine on your bedroom wall, and embrace the space and freedom to share your true self. Your dorm room is not just a place to sleep; it's a canvas for self-expression and a reflection of your unique identity. To help you make the most of this opportunity, we've curated a selection of art prints that will elevate your dorm decor to new heights. These artworks will inspire you, remind you to be proud of your identity, and serve as lasting memories of your transformative journey through university.

'For Men Only' by Mary-Ann Stuart

Collage Art Print

Collage print of ‘the birth of venus’ by Sandro Botticelli, with the Goddess Venus cut out to reveal a stack of magazines that say ‘For Men Only’ along the spine. The print is on an off-white background with a drop shadow to highlight that it is a print.

No college dorm is complete without some angsty collage art! 'For Men Only’ is a striking collage art print by feminist artist Mary-Ann Stuart. This thought-provoking piece challenges stereotypes and sparks conversations about gender equality. Hang it proudly on your wall as a daily reminder of the importance of breaking down barriers and empowering women.

'Hold Your Head Up' by Lauren-Marie Haywood

Digital Painting Print 

Beautiful digital painting of a black woman holding her head up with a proud and confident expression and wearing large earrings.

Celebrate the beauty of black women with 'Hold Your Head Up,' a stunning digital painting print by Lauren-Marie Haywood. Its outstanding detail and empowering message make it a perfect addition to your dorm room. Let it serve as a symbol of self-confidence and inspiration as you navigate through your university years.

'Veganism Is Magical' by Tally Walker Warne

Neon Sign Art Print

Digital art print by Tally Walker Warne on an off-white background and a drop shadow to highlight it’s a print. Artwork features the words ‘veganism is magical’ in neon pink and blue on a black background to look like a neon sign glowing in the dark.

If you're passionate about animal rights and veganism, 'Veganism Is Magical' by Tally Walker Warne is a must-have. This neon sign art print adds a touch of whimsy and activism to your dorm decor. It's a daily reminder of your commitment to a compassionate lifestyle.

'Rosie' by Rhianne Gabrielle Philip

Tattoo Style Digital Watercolour Print

Traditional tattoo style illustration of profile of a woman’s face and neck on a tea stained background. The drawing is very detailed, featuring bold gradients and highlighting red and blue elements throughout.

For the tattoo lovers, consider 'Rosie' by tattoo artist Rhianne Gabrielle Philip. This tattoo-style digital watercolour print adds an edgy and artistic vibe to your dorm. Its unique style and bold colours will make your space stand out.

'Travel The Earth' by Esme Rose Marsh

Collage Art Print 

Esme Rose Marsh's 'Travel The Earth' is an exploration of self-discovery and journeying within. Hang this collage art print in your dorm as a reminder that every day is an adventure, and that includes your university experience.

'Abstract Stripe Vase' by Tasha Baines aka Peachi Prints

Digital Painting Print

Digital painting in pastel pinks, mint green and orange of a vase of flowers on a table.

Add a splash of colour to your walls with 'Abstract Stripe Vase' by Tasha Baines, also known as Peachi Prints. This digital painting print brings a burst of energy to your space and even features a vase of flowers that won't ever need watering.

'Abolish Productivity' by Tom Abdulhadi-Turner aka TAT

Poster Print

Ink painting by TAT of the words ‘Abolish Productivity’ and in the centre is a circle of with a boot stamping on a clock on fire with the words ‘burn the clocks.’ Painted in black ink on a pale pink background. Image is on an off-white background with a drop shadow to show that its a print.

Join the movement for trans and queer rights with 'Abolish Productivity' by TAT (AKA Tom Abdulhadi-Turner), whose artwork champions trans and queer rights and celebrates LGBTQIA+ joy!. This print celebrates an anarchist mindset in challenging societal norms and unfair standards set by work and education establishments.

'Sapphic Love is Beautiful' by Sophie Kathleen

Digital Illustration Print

Digital illustration print by Sophie Kathleen depicting pink and orange leaves and floral patterns with pictures of lesbian couples in love with writing in the centre ‘sapphic love is beautiful’.


Celebrate lesbian & femme romance with 'Sapphic Love is Beautiful' by Sophie Kathleen. This pink and amber-toned digital illustration captures the beauty and warmth of love between women.

'Queer Relationships Are Not a Performance' by Sophie Kathleen

Digital Illustration Print

Digital illustration print by Sophie Kathleen of a pink flower with two queer women with flowers over their boobs with the writing ‘queer relationships are not a performance for men’ at the top.

Stand up against public harassment and celebrate authentic queer relationships with 'Queer Relationships Are Not a Performance' by Sophie Kathleen.

These artworks, available for purchase in our online store, are more than just decorations; they are statements of identity and empowerment. To protect and elevate your dorm decor further, consider framing these artworks. Framing not only preserves their beauty but also ensures you won't have to worry about blue tack marks on your walls. Your uni dorm is your canvas—claim your space, and let your journey through university be a beautifully decorated one.


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