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Creative Gifts for New Homeowners

Beautiful illustration artwork of a picnic on a hill by Elisa Grasso, in a square picture frame on a white wall with a shadow from the window cast over them.

Housewarming Gift Guide

With fewer people going down the engagement, wedding and baby route, it’s more important than ever to make sure we celebrate the big wins in our loved ones' lives. 

New jobs, travel milestones, marathon runs, pet adoptions, and of course homeownership are all HUGE milestones that are worth celebrating! 

To help you shower them with something fun and unique we have created a little list of some of our favourite housewarming gift ideas.

1. Creativity in a box!

DIY pottery projects made using the Pott’d Air Dry Clay Kit. Pretty, colourful trinket trays, coasters, vase’s and candle holders.

Give the gift of creativity with a subscription box. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part, and with a creativity box you can inspire your friends to get settled in their new home by making physical memories to hang in pride of place. We love this Air Dry Clay Pottery Kit by Pott'd.

2. Gift Cards = The gift of choice!

Shiver gift card - navy gift card shape with lilac shiver logo and a dark purple bow in the top left corner.

What about chipping in with a group of friends and getting them a Shiver Arts gift card! Yay! It truly is an amazing housewarming gift. Not only are you investing in their new home’s aesthetic, but you are giving them the gift of decadence and choice when their pennies are all pointing to the pragmatic.

3.  Transform Photographs Into Decor

A collection of photographs and frames corner options on a table.

What is better than getting a favourite piece framed? Having someone else manage the framing of said piece! Ha! In all seriousness though, how many beautiful prints sit in the back of wardrobes waiting to be hung?! A wonderful gift you can give to a new home-owner is framing one of their beloved pieces, or cherished photographs, that they will treasure for years to come. We highly recommend Stretch Frames for incredible bespoke service throughout anywhere in the UK.

4.  Help Them Celebrate in Sweet Style

FRIDA KAHLO | lemon meringue tart by the Female Flaze vegan bakery.

New home-owners are notoriously frugal after such a huge purchase, and will live frugally for some time after. Why not treat them with something a bit decadent that you know they will LOVE, and that they would never get themselves. Like some fabulously feminist inspired sweet treats by vegan bakery The Female Glaze. #bestnameever


5. Give the Gift That Keeps on Giving: Refillable Candles!

Candle refill kit by Purscents featuring glass candle vessel, pouch of refill wax and matches.

Candles are always a win, but why not step up your candle game a bit and give the gift of refillable candle subscriptions. You heard us! Save your glass candle holders, and refill them each month with a stunning new scented refill kit, that walks you through the therapeutic process of pouring your own candles with a fraction of the waste. Win win!


6. Gift Coffee Table Inspiration

Coffee table photography book 'Love Story' written by Rachel Segal Hamilton.

Art and photography books are always a win, but make sure to think about what kinds of art they LOVE to make it even more special. Are they light, bright and colourful? Is fashion their passion? What about something a bit risque for the bathroom? The possibilities are endless! Extra points if you purchase them from a small indie bookshop and support a small business at the same time. We love Hoxton Mini Press, Burning House Books, Gays The Word & Dog Section Press.


7. Fill their hearts, homes, and bellies with hearty chef-prepared plant based meals

Moving is equal parts stressful and exciting. Packing and unpacking, climbing endless flights of stairs, and just when you think you are finally done for the day…it’s time to cook dinner. Well that is exactly where Planthood comes into play. Their chef-prepared sauces, garnishes, and fresh hearty vegan dishes are all made in house and delivered straight to your door. They only use 100% natural ingredients and absolutely every mouthful is designed to enrich the soul and take care of your gut-health. Planthood is an ideal gift for new homeowners, new parents, and new vegans who are looking for ways to spice up their weekly at home menu. 

Use Shiver founder, Annabelle’s referral code: FRIEND-BDWRZTP to receive £15 OFF your first order!


8. Decorate Their Brand New Walls with Fine Art!

Artwork by Henriett Juhasz, an Art Deco style painting of pink, geometric lines and circles in a blur of pastel purple and deep green.
And the number one gift for a housewarming (in our humble opinion)....ART! Okay we know that’s a bit obvious coming from us, but a unique piece of fine art is a thoughtful way to show how proud you are of their achievement. Some of our friends will never have a hen party, or a wedding, or a baby shower, and for them buying their first home may be one of the biggest moments of their lives, so let’s celebrate and splash out on something as brilliant and beautiful as they are!

Need some more inspiration and ideas for what to get for a housewarming gift? Head over to our website and peruse our diverse gallery filled with sculpture, prints, and paintings, and you may even find something you love too! 

*Please note Shiver Arts is in no way affiliated with any of the above mentions, we just personally love these brands and wanted to share them with you!


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