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Limited Edition Art Prints

Let’s talk about Limited Editions! What does it mean, why are they important to the artist and collectors, and why oh why do we love them so much?

First off Limited Edition prints are coveted by collectors who may not have the dosh to splash out on an original. Original artworks are exciting and exquisite, but they can also be very expensive. Where there is scarcity there is an opportunity to upsell, and art is one of the highest priced luxury items in the world. This is exactly where limited editions come in. 

Limited edition prints allow the artist to sell the same print several times while still maintaining some of its exclusive and luxury value. For instance, a limited edition print where only 50 pieces have been made will allow the artist to share their art with up to 50 people, but those 50 are the only ones in the world that will have them. Giving the piece some exclusivity and rarity, but also making it more accessible. 

Now why are these important to the artist? Well for one thing your customer pool gets much shallower if each of your original prints sells for £25,000. Selling 100 Limited Edition prints for £250 each earns the same amount, but opens your customer base, making the artwork more accessible for affordable fine art collectors. 

Limited edition prints can also create a bit of a buzz in the industry if they fall into the right hands. Imagine you catch a glimpse of a print you LOVE in the home of your favourite interior designer? Suddenly the artist is being begged for a print that isn’t a one off, and everyone wins! The value of the original still stands, but more people are able to own a piece if it is a limited edition print. 

Now for you extra frugal affordable art collectors out there, don’t worry you can still own a Limited Edition on a budget. For emerging artists ‘Limited Editions’ can range anywhere between 10-200 prints which can change the value of the print, but allows for a much deeper and wider pool of potential collectors. For new artists getting their work seen is almost more important than turning a profit, they just want their work out in the world being seen and being contemplated. 

At the end of the day art isn’t art without the admirer, so if you LOVE a piece that costs £12 and is print number 849 out of an edition of 850 and you adore it for decades, it has value. Will it have resale value, potentially, but it’s not as likely as an original or extra Limited Edition print that is only 1 of 20. But here is the real question….if you love it does it even matter? Art has value because we place value on it. The reality is your piece may only ever be treasured by you, and that’s just fine. Or you may end up on Antiques Roadshow in 50 years with some art historian waxing lyrical about it being edition 35/700 from this century's Picasso! Who knows what the future holds, but if you love the piece, and it’s affordable to you, then why not invest in something beautiful. 

Check out our very own Limited Edition Collection, see what all the fuss is about, and fill your home with more affordable fine art!


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