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Affordable Fine Art for Christmas…yes please!

Red artwork on a windowsill with the reflection of Christmas lights in the glass from the nearby Christmas tree, next to a cosy living room chair and a frosty landscape in the background, outside.

Christmas Gifts for Art Lovers

‘What? You can’t give art for Christmas, that’s bonkers! People need to choose their own artworks, plus it’s mega pricey!’ 

We hear you bellowing from the rooftops, but on this occasion, we will have to agree to disagree.

First and foremost, Fine Art can be affordable. Shiver Arts is built on the idea that Fine Art isn’t just for the wealthy, Fine Art is for anyone who loves art. We designed our gallery to be an affordable, accessible platform to bring Fine Art into every home. On our site we have dozens of pieces that are evocative, thought-provoking, beautiful, eye-catching, and prices to suit all budgets, starting from as little as £8! Extraordinary artwork doesn’t have to cost the world, and often what will resonate with your friends, family, and loved one’s isn’t the most expensive piece. 


‘Valezquez’ Immaculate Conception’ by Mary-Ann Stuart

£20 | Digital Line Drawing Print

Digital line drawing poster on a red background - inspired by Velázquez’ painting, The Immaculate Conception, with a twist, depicting the Virgin Mary in a seemingly seductive pose.



Choosing Art for Someone Shows You Care

Second, choosing a piece of art for a loved one for Christmas is a bit like choosing a thoughtful book, or stunning jewellery. If you know the person, if you understand what they hold dear, and if you think they will love it, the chances are they will. Is this a fool proof purchase, absolutely not, but the love, care and thoughtfulness will shine through anyway. 


‘Botanical Oranges’ by Tasha Baines AKA Peachi Prints

£12 - £51 | Digital painting printed on Archival Satin Paper

Digital painting of oranges, green leaves and delicate white flowers on a pale pink background.

‘Well, last year's earrings went down like a lead balloon…so not sure I trust my taste!’

Don’t worry, gift vouchers that can be used to purchase art are also a thoughtful choice. If you don’t feel confident purchasing the piece yourself, a gift voucher that can help towards something truly special is also a brilliant investment. Plus, you don’t have to worry about it arriving in time in the post!

Shiver Gallery | Fine Art Gift Voucher

£10 - £100 | Digital Gift Card Delivered Via Email

Shiver gift card - navy gift card shape with lilac shiver logo and a dark purple bow in the top left corner.

The truth is that Fine Art is a luxury item, even when it’s affordable, or purchased with a gift voucher. Art is a thoughtful, decadent gift that brings with it beauty, contemplation, and emotion. Sounds like a pretty special way to say ‘I love you and I’m thinking about you’ doesn’t it? 

‘But I have never bought art before, where do I start?’ 

We can help with that too! 

A Guide to Buying Art Gifts

Here is a little buying guide to help you find a gift for the art lover in your life. 


1. Have a little nose around their home. 

Their living space is their sanctuary, and it will give you a good idea of the art they already have, and what might compliment their current pieces. 

‘Skull By Candlelight’ by Charlotte Witts

£106 | Limited Edition print of original Oil on Canvas Paper

Vanitas style still life oil painting of a skull on a stack of papers with writing on, next to a bone and a lit candle stick.

2. Be mindful of space and size. 

Yes that piece is gorgeous, but it’s also 5 ft x 6 ft, where in the heck will it go?! Choose something that fits a space you know it can fill. (A vacant shelf could be ideal for a sculpture, or a narrow awkward wall could be the ideal place for a miniature painting.) 


3. What do they LOVE.

Think about their favourite colours, what textures they enjoy, where they spend their time. Do they have a theme in their home like black and white, are they water lovers forever in the sea, is their style eclectic and colourful or subdued and minimal, do they love to travel. Let their life lead you.

‘Travel The Earth’ by Esme Rose Marsh

£13 | Limited Edition Collage Print

Collage art print by Esme Rose Marsh, featuring torn blue and coral paper, photos of the sea, ice glaciers, cacti in the desert and pink and blue crystals.

4. Secret squirrel.  

Show them similar paintings or pictures of a piece that you think they would love and ask their opinion. ‘My friend is thinking of getting this for her partner, I think it’s interesting, what do you think?’


5. Set a budget, and be comfortable with the fact they may not love it. 

It’s okay, not every piece will be perfect, but if you spend a small fortune and it’s not right, it can sting a bit. We suggest investing in a piece that you also love, that way if it doesn’t make their heart sing, you can cherish it instead. Most galleries will not offer refunds, including Shiver, as there is too much risk in the piece being damaged or mishandled.  

‘Pastel Dream Door 3’ by Sophie Zurybida aka Spooky Zury

£65 | Framed A3 Digital Collage Print

Digital collage of a pastel pink archway showing a colourful sunset with an orange sun, with waves below.

6. Frame a piece they already have. 

It’s an easy win and a thoughtful gift. Framing art they already have is a relatively low risk purchase, that shows that you are thinking of them, and that you know what they love and cherish. 


7. Make it personal

Fine Art is emotional, why not include a note explaining why it resonates with you, and why it made you think of them. This act of love will make it all the more meaningful. 


8. Choose your moment. 

If you are gifting an emotional piece, it might be best to save it for an intimate moment. You can curate a time where you can explain your feelings about the piece and create a memory at the same time (also if it isn’t the right fit, you won’t be put on the spot in front of your whole family).


9. Remember to include care instructions. 

We know, that’s the boring bit, but if your sculpture, photograph, or painting is delicate, or an original, it’s important to relay this so that a priceless piece of art isn’t accidentally ruined by unintentional mishandling. 

‘I Eat Black Girls For Breakfast’ by Lauren-Marie Haywood

£69 - £71 | Resin, Polymer Clay and Ceramic Bowls 

 A series of varying sized white ceramic dishes, each with different fetishised black womens face and bodily features emerging from the bottom of the dish.

We're Here to Help Along the Way

Purchasing art can feel daunting, but it doesn't need to be. At Shiver Arts, our goal is to make Fine Art affordable and accessible to everyone, so please reach out and let us know if you have any queries or questions about a piece, and we can help guide you through the process. 

Art is to be treasured forever, not just for Christmas!


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