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Interview With A Tattoo Artist: Hermione Finch

Cream wall with 4 different sized frames with art prints sold by 2 larger A3 frames with tattoo style large, wild cats and the middle 2 A4 frames have a traditional blackwork flash art prints on stained paper.

Honoring Tattoo History Through Vintage-Inspired Art

Introducing Hermione Finch (AKA Hermione Tattoos), a seasoned tattoo artist hailing from South West London. Known for her unique Blackwork Traditional Prints, Hermione's creative journey began at 19, evolving into a five-year exploration of the tattoo industry. In this interview, she unveils the inspiration behind her limited series featured in our 'Tattoo Art' exhibition, seamlessly blending vintage aesthetics with Japanese and Circus inspirations. Hermione's work pays homage to the timeless tradition of tattooing, creating textured background prints that bridge the classic with the contemporary.

Hermione's love for Traditional Tattoo designs, rooted in her father's vintage collection, shines through as she discusses the philosophy behind her artwork. For her, the beauty lies in the simplicity of a well-executed tattoo, where clean lines, solid shading, and colour reign supreme. Join us in celebrating the convergence of tattoo and art in our 'Tattoo Art' exhibition, challenging the notion that tattoos are confined to skin. Hermione's pieces exemplify that tattoos, like art, are cherished for a lifetime—a testament to enduring artistry that transcends boundaries. Stay tuned for more artist stories, as 'Tattoo Art' becomes not just a mark on the skin but a masterpiece on your walls. Ink for life, art for a lifetime.

Black Work Traditional Flash by Hermione Finch

Giclée Fine Art Prints

4 A4 framed art prints on a white wall. The art prints are of traditional blackwork tattoo flash designs on stained paper.

From top left to bottom right: Black Work Traditional Flash #1, #2, #3, #4


So Hermione, tell us a bit about yourself…

I'm Hermione Finch. I also go by Hermione Tattoos on my social media and online shop. I'm a Tattoo Artist from South West London. I began as an apprentice in the tattoo industry at 19 and have been tattooing for 5 years. I have always felt very fortunate for getting into the tattoo industry at a younger age. Being able to work hard, prove my passion for my artwork and be given the opportunity to learn my craft. I've always had a passion for drawing tattoo flash. I started to focus on drawing specific flash sheets and prints to sell during the lockdown in 2020. During this hard, difficult time I found enjoyment from continuing drawing and was able to help support myself through selling my artwork. Lockdown allowed me the time to set up my online business and give myself the confidence to sell my work.

Tell us about your artworks in our ‘Tattoo Art’ exhibition…

For the 'Big Cat Collection' designs I wanted to produce a limited set of prints that would work well together, as well as individually. The big cat is such a staple of traditional tattoos. Holds powerful, dynamic poses and features that are instantly recognisable. I wanted to combine these with another classic tattoo element of barbed wire and chains. With the addition of bright colours I feel it adds a more modern and playful approach to these intimidating big cats designs.

For the series of Black Work Traditional Flash Prints, I wanted to explore a variety of themes, while still keeping a vintage feel. This set is a limited run of textured background prints. Keeping it old school with some classic designs while also branching out and exploring other traditional themes of Japanese and Circus elements. As the traditional style of tattooing has been around a long time. It can’t help but be associated with the past. And yet it remains timeless. 

Big Cat Collection by Hermione Finch

Tattoo Flash Fine Art Prints

Cream wall with 3 A3 art prints of big wild cats in traditional tattoo style, with a modern twist.

From left to right: Big Cat Collection #1, #2, #3


What do you hope to accomplish with your work?

I love tattooing Traditional Designs that are Bold Black and Bright. I found my love for Traditional Tattoo designs from my father. He has a collection of vintage designs from the early 70s - late 80s. From a young age I was fascinated with classic tattoo designs. I've always enjoyed the simplicity of a well-executed tattoo. In a simple tattoo there is nowhere to hide, it's all in the clean lines , solid shading and colour. People may look at it and assume it's easy at first glance. But doing something that is seemingly simple, and doing it well are very different things. The one prominent feature I’d like people to take away from seeing Traditional Style tattoo artwork, is that even though it is simple, it is based on a design philosophy so to look as good as possible for as long as possible. 

What does art/your creative process mean to you?

For me, tattooing, and designing flash as a creative process give me a lot of freedom. Traditional designs specifically as a style usually have a lot of historical repetitive imagery. However, being able to put your own spin on a classic design I find extremely enjoyable; to apply my own style, and use it to take on the responsibility of putting my signature spin on some of the most iconic and vintage tattoo imagery. It can never be better or cooler than the original, but keeping the style going in my own way, I enjoy greatly.

Check out Hermione's prints in our 'Tattoo Art' online art exhibition.


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